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About Us

Greens N Teff (GnT) carry-out is a new gem in the sea of amazing DMV area restaurants. We are family-owned and the first vegetarian/vegan only Ethiopian cuisine based in Arlington, VA.

Our mission at GnT is to connect you to the motherland through our love, flavors, colors and delicious Ethiopian cuisine. We are specialized in stews that could have been on the menu during biblical times. Ethiopian cuisine includes an abundance of vegetarian/vegan dishes. This unique aspect of Ethiopian food culture comes in part from the country’s religious history. Our menu consists of various popular Ethiopian plant-based dishes as well as world renowned vegetarian and gluten free option, prepared fresh with great love and care to satisfy your curiosity and taste buds.


The meal is best enjoyed by pinching small bites with shreds of injera bread, its sour and balances the sweetness and heat of the vegetables. Injera is a sourdough-risen flatbread with a slightly spongy texture. It’s made of the highly nutritious and gluten-free Teff grain. Teff contains a high proportion of fiber, more than any other grain on Earth, as well as being a complete protein and a great source of iron and calcium. The base ingredient of all our proteins and greens contains onions, garlic, ginger, tomatoes, oil, salt and pepper.


Depending on the menu item, some dishes may or may not contain turmeric or berbere (blended Ethiopian spice). There are no nuts or soy ingredients included in our menu.


We look forward to serving you and giving you an experience you won’t forget!


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